A Place Cats Can Be Free, Happy & Healthy

Hello cat lovers, we are Melda and Steve. Two civil engineers, one from Turkey and one from Manchester, UK. We met years ago on a big construction project in Qatar and fell in love. Over the years, as we moved as expatriates from country to country, project to project, we rescued, rehomed or adopted ourselves hundreds of cats and dogs.

When we completed our last project in Qatar in 2018, we decided it was time to retire and dedicate our lives to cat rescue, our lifes’ passion.

We built MadCatters’ Haven cattery in 2019 and set up a non-profit company to support it. We are hoping to obtain our charity status in the coming weeks as our application is being processed by the Charities Commission.

Why do we rescue mostly from Qatar?

The state of abandoned cats and dogs in Qatar is dire. The government doesn’t impose the few animal welfare laws in existence. The extremely transient population (only 15 percent are locals and the rest expats) is uneducated about animal welfare. It is a common practice to leave the family pets behind (out on the street) when jobs are lost, contracts terminated and expats leave Qatar.

Breed cats and dogs are bought and sold like disposable commodities; animal healthcare is minimal; disease is rampant on the streets and the climate unforgiving. Every single day, quite a number of sick/unwanted breed cats are thrown out on the street and left to fend for themselves.

Licensed breeders are a practically non-existent and there is no authority that checks on them and regulates their actions. Many cats are bred until they can’t, their babies sold on the street markets and online; parents who get too old are thrown out onto the street.

Furthermore, setting up an animal rescue in Qatar is prohibited by law. All the rescues that operate do so without a license and at the mercy of the authorities who simply turn a blind eye to their existence.

Having lived in Qatar and witnessed all these first hand, we could not abandon our fellow rescuers to continue their journey alone. When we were leaving, we made a promise to them that if they keep on rescuing, we will do our best to bring them over to UK and find them all the best possible homes. We fund all travel expenses to UK, make sure cats receive appropriate health care upon arrival and continue to support all our adopters as long as they need us.

Cats For Adoption

Check out our current list of cats that are ready for adoption! To view the bio of a cat, please click on the photo. Ready to adopt? You can find our adoption application here.

Meet The MadCatter Haven Graduates

Catch up with the MadCatters’ Haven Graduates. We love to hear from our adopted cats new family and to see how our cats are settling in to their new homes.

Here you’ll find a bunch of stories about our cats happy lives & their fantastic families. Enjoy!

Our Little Shop

Every cushion you buy from this shop will help pay for the vet bills of an abandoned cat. Many people worked hard and donated their time to make these cushions. Needless to say every penny made from the sales will be spent on animal welfare. Thank you very much for your support.