Graduate: Cookie

Gail Pan

I stumbled upon MadCatters’ Haven on Instagram while my husband and I were looking for a cat to adopt.

And it was the best thing that ever happened to us. This lovely couple that runs the MadCatters’ Haven is just lovely and they do take good care of the residents at the haven after they put in great effort in rescuing those angels. I would say it truly is a haven for cats. They paired us with our boy cookie, who is just lovely and sweet and he is now the center of our life. He is our good luck charm and we can’t express enough how grateful we are to have him.

Graduate: Ruffles

Lucier Shorthouse

Our beloved Ruffles was an instant foster failure; it was love at first sight! The second we saw him and held him in our arms, we couldn’t resist. Adopting our snowy angel was the best decision we’ve ever made and helped restore 2020 and turn it into a memorable, fulfilling year.

Rescuing a cat from unfortunate circumstances (Ruffles was dumped near a bin in Qatar with terrible stomach flu) comes with duty and responsibility but it’s also proved the most rewarding and enriching experience. A rescue cat may require rehabilitation as they continue their journey back to full health and become adjusted to their forever home- but they also come with limitless love. Knowing we’ve given him a second chance, a safe and secure home and supported his health journey means the world.

Alongside his two adopted cat sisters, he is so at home with us and couldn’t receive more love and attention. He is such a playful, loving character- he loves singing to the birds, dreamies and playing with his sisters!

I highly recommend my experience with MadCatters’ Haven and will continue to support their endeavours and incredible work as much as I can. I try to donate either money or food as often as I can and encourage others to help too. Every little helps! If you’re looking for a feline companion I strongly urge you to consider fostering/adopting from MadCatters.